Responsible supply

Committing to a responsible supply chain

  • ONU - 8 - Decent work and economic growth
  • ONU - 12 - Responsible consumption and production
  • ONU - 17 - Partnerships for the goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In a context where securing the entire supply chain is becoming a decisive commercial and strategic issue vis-à-vis LISI’s major customers, the Group must ensure that its suppliers comply with the social responsibility standards and criteria that it has set for itself. The Group’s CSR commitments extend across its entire value chain. This is why the LISI Group is committed to securing its supply chain in an ethical and responsible manner. It wishes to guarantee its customers the compliance of its suppliers in terms of labor law, health and safety, the environment and commercial ethics.

The 2030 vision: rating 100% of strategic suppliers

By 2030, LISI wishes to assess 100% of its strategic suppliers from a societal and environmental point of view. Eventually, only suppliers meeting the CSR criteria defined by the LISI Group will remain on our lists. Management tools will be used to support suppliers in this selection phase.

The progress accomplished in 2020

The new Group Purchasing organization (TOP) has integrated CSR objectives into its roadmap. It has drawn up an action plan to achieve the objectives set as of 2023.

This action plan includes:

  • Updating LISI contractual frameworks specifying CSR requirements to its suppliers.
  • Creating a supplier assessment questionnaire consolidated at Group level and which takes into account criteria of performance, quality and social and environmental responsibility.
  • Assessing strategic suppliers according to these new criteria and its inclusion in supplier choices.
  • Technological monitoring of the tools and external solutions that facilitate the evaluation and management of our suppliers in terms of CSR.

The next steps

By 2023, LISI will analyze the position of its suppliers with regard to its own ethical, societal and environmental criteria. These criteria will be applied in the choice of the most strategic suppliers.

Committing to a responsible supply chain


In 2020 LISI deployed a new Purchasing organization with the establishment of commodity managers at the level of the Group and its divisions. The organization, coordinated within the Group’s central services, will increase Purchasing expertise on certain commodities deemed to be strategic. The tools and management methods implemented will improve interactions with suppliers, involve them in the long term and determine with them the areas for improvement that will guarantee a competitive supply chain in compliance with the ethical and societal responsibility criteria that the Group has set for itself.

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