Stock market data

+46,6 %
stock price in 2019

30,05 €
per share as at 12/31/2019

LISI’s progress over 2019

+ 46,9 % LISI, + 15,2 % CAC Small Index, + 30,6 % ESTX InduGD&Ser

The LISI share has made good progress (+46.6%) in fiscal year 2019, starting at the beginning of the year. Outperforming the benchmark CAC Small Index (+15.2%) and ESTX InduGd&Ser (+30.6%). The highest was reached in November 2019 at €33.85 and ended on 31 December at €30.05. The catch-up comes after the correction in 2018 and comes in a context of better recognition of average industrial stocks. Nevertheless, the recovery has been more marked for LISI than its peers.

The average daily volume has progressed well to 36,400 shares traded per day, with a good progression over the end of the year.

2020 Events

The General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on April 24, 2020 on company premises: Immeuble Central Seine – 46‑50 Quai de la Rapée, 75012 PARIS.

Dividend payments will be made on May 5, 2020. Sales revenue for the second quarter of 2020, as well as half-yearly accounts will be available on line via the company website (, on July 23, 2020.

Financial information for the third quarter of 2020 will be available online via the Group website on October 21, 2020 after close of market.

Securities accessible to individual shareholders

In 2019, the Group continued to develop communication with individual shareholders, including the organization of shareholder meetings in Toulouse in partnership with F2IC and CLIFF, as well as the company’s participation in the Actionaria tradeshow in Paris.

The Group’s objective for 2020 is to continue to develop communication with individual shareholders in a similar way.

This shareholder communication policy which also includes specific quarterly letters, a document called “Investing in LISI” and an animated film, has made it possible to bring their number to more than 3,600 at the last TPI analysis performed for the company in May 2017.

Stock Identification Sheet

ISIN Code: FR 0000050353
Reuters Code: GFII.PA
Bloomberg Code: FII.FP
Compartment: A Eurolist
Stock marketplace: Euronext Paris
Number of shares: 54,114,317
Market capitalization as at December 31, 2019: €1,626 m
Indices: CAC® AERO&DEF., CAC®-All Shares, CAC® Indutrials

Capital Breakdown

* Including direct and indirect holdings:
   VMC: 21.16%
   FFP Invest: 19.02%
   CIKO: 16.73%
** Reserved for performance share plans

Analyst coverage

Coverage of the stock

The stock is followed by 7 stockbrokers who regularly issue research notes accompanied by opinions and objectives corresponding to the assessment by the analyst in charge. This cover makes it possible to obtain full and diverse information for professional or private investors.

The LISI Group takes part in a large number of conferences, roadshows and investor meetings for the cities of Geneva, London, New York, Nice and Paris. In total, the management of LISI met with more than 250 investors during the 2019 financial year.

The communication policy is based on complete and transparent communication, a presentation of the results along with the semi-annual and annual publications and on the assessment of the forecasts by the panel of analysts based on their macro-economic assumptions.

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