Message from the management

In 2022, the LISI Group filled in a significant part of the drop in activity over the two years of COVID: after the decline in 2021, of unprecedented magnitude (- €500m), and then in 2022 (- €66m), the rebound is significant (+ €261m) and was anticipated.

However, this recovery has come up against unforeseeable obstacles, such as strong and sometimes asymmetrical inflationary pressures, extreme tensions affecting recruitment and accelerating forced departures, shortages of raw materials or components, and the volatility of demand expressed by our customers.

Despite these headwinds, the continuation of the actions of the New Deal plan has enabled us to stay on course in the long term, while paying close attention to execution in the short term. In this sense, our teams have done a tremendous job of agility to achieve this performance.

The LISI Group must ensure the continuity of its clients' strategic programs under optimal conditions of service, quality and performance, which was the case in 2022.

The recovery movement begun in 2022 has faced many pitfalls, most of them unforeseeable. However, the challenges have been met and the actions of the New Deal plan have been pursued. The teams have shown tremendous agility to achieve this performance.”

Emmanuel VIELLARD, Chief Executive Officer of LISI and Gilles KOHLER, Chairman of LISI

Chairman, LISI

Chief Executive Officer, LISI

2023's challenges

Our ambition is to gain leadership positions in each of the niches in which the Group is active by relying on the two pillars of operational excellence and innovation.

Progress has been significant with the ramp-up of investments, the deployment of new technologies, the impact of the digitalization of all processes and the market share gains achieved through new products.

The Group's ambition is to do better with less, with less consumption of materials, energy, labor, etc., by aiming for concrete and stated objectives for 2023 and 2030 which, in line with our commitments, go beyond the European Global Compact or "Fit for 55" objectives.

The headwinds will still be present in 2023, particularly in terms of inflation, energy and human resources, requiring us to continue our efforts to adapt.

Looking ahead to the long term

This willingness to adapt to short-term volatility strengthens the position of the LISI Group, which is recognized as a strategic development partner by its major clients. This agility does not take the LISI Group away from its long-term trajectory, which has been traced over the years and is rich in history.

All market or external growth opportunities will be transformed if they perfectly coincide with our strategic development axes.

The LISI Group's solidity has been reinforced even during the COVID and its ability to rebound is preserved. The 2022 roadmap has once again been respected; Free Cash Flow is positive, management indicators are improving, and new product orders have never been stronger. Expectations remain high over the long term and the teams are determined to exceed them.

We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their trust in our ability to meet the challenges of tomorrow and for enabling us to continue LISI's incredible adventure.

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