Letter from the management

Consolidating the present to better prepare the future

« After the targeted acquisitions completed in 2017 and 2018, the LISI Group continued in 2019 a strategy of refocusing on higher value-added activities. »

The LISI Group relies on its long-term vision to pursue clear strategic orientations and a well-defined roadmap. This vision does not rule out the need to constantly adjust to ever-changing market conditions.

After the targeted acquisitions completed in 2017 and 2018, LISI continued in 2019 a strategy of refocusing on higher value-added activities. The development of new products was highly sustained across the three divisions. Concurrently, certain activities that the Group could no longer strategically develop were sold.

In organic growth, LISI will have generated nearly €50 million in additional sales - equivalent to the size of an average Group plant.

Gilles KOHLER, Chairman of the Board and Emmanuel VIELLARD, Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board

Chief Executive Officer

Operational excellence

In terms of operational excellence, the three structuring programs that make up the LISI SYSTEM (LEAP, E-HSE and COS) have proven their maturity. Digital transformation initiatives now complete the system and offer new, ever more ambitious prospects for progress.

By way of example, the deployment of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) control systems makes it possible to connect all critical machines and analyze crucial masses of data in order to eliminate waiting times, reduce adjustment times and optimize maintenance. This significant advance is fully in line with the Group’s continuous improvement policy and its efforts to always offer the best to its major strategic customers.

Investment capacity

This progress is only possible thanks to a policy of sustained investment.

In a context of worldwide competition, the LISI Group has as its ambition to continue on this path in order to maintain the competitive advantage it has built patiently over time. Whatever the short-term developments in the business sectors in which LISI operates, the Group remains on course.

These investment efforts benefit all production sites, including those located in the midst of territories sometimes neglected by economic players. The Group is developing a strong specialization in each industrial establishment to position it as a center of excellence.

« The long-term vision on which the LISI Group relies does not rule out permanent adaptation to ever‑changing market conditions. »

A socially responsible player

Thanks to the strong involvement of the 11,171 women and men who make up LISI in 2019, progress is real in terms of new products and industrial excellence.

Human capital is crucial here. The LISI Group must therefore constantly improve the attractiveness of all its businesses and all its sites. This notably involves excellence in health and safety at work, an area in which LISI has achieved remarkable results (frequency rate of accidents with and without lost time decreased by 54% in 10 years) and where the Group aims to always do better. These actions will be complemented by efforts to guarantee that its supply chain will be managed ethically and responsibly.

LISI is committed to a comprehensive approach as a socially responsible player. This concern, which has been at the heart of the Group’s decisions for many years, will now gain in structure. It will be deployed at all levels of the company, not only methodically, but also with great conviction.

Its activities must be cleaner, more attractive and beneficial to all stakeholders. To achieve this and fully play its role in society, the LISI Group must therefore display sustainable growth results by transforming constraints into opportunities.

The LISI Group is therefore bolstered by its rich history and diversity and continues to prepare for the future, even in difficult times.

Chief Executive Officer

Chairman of the Board

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