Taking action for greater impact

Protect our environment

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As a member of the "Coq Vert" community, which brings together entrepreneurs committed to the climate, the LISI Group is structured around strong convictions:

  • Environmental issues are a major challenge for humanity.
  • Thinking only in the short-term harms future generations deteriorates the resilience of our business.
  • The world is in permanent disruption and requires to be an agile organization.
  • Diversity is a strength.
  • Companies must have a positive impact on society and in the territories they occupy.

Evaluations and objectives

Evaluations and objectives Evaluations and objectives

* GRI = Global Reporting Initiative.
** Objectives under elaboration and progressively defined.

Challenges & Objectives

#3 Protect our environment

  • As a socially responsible company, LISI seeks to to contribute to a sustainable world by acting with climate: development of innovative solutions, in particular with the start-up TRAACE to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, implementation of sobriety plans and increasing the proportion of renewable energies to 20%.
  • At LISI, we want to make efficient use of resources by adopting responsible behavior: use less, use better, use longer.
  • Obtaining ISO 14001 certification and a B rating from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) are a recognition of all our actions we have taken.

#4 Work with our territories

  • LISI aims to deploy water management plans in water-stressed areas and wants to support local communities by supporting local players, individuals or partners in our ecosystem. Encouraging local initiatives is essential to make sustainable development a reality for all.


  • Installation of solar panels on the roof of the Fuenlabrada plant in Spain (LISI AUTOMOTIVE). The site will produce around 20% of its electricity in self-consumption.
  • Renovation of the cooling system of production equipment at Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône (95) at LISI AEROSPACE.
  • Installation in several French sites of energy sensors and an Eco-Adapt supervision platform.

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