The LISI Group posted consolidated sales of €1,051 million for the first 9 months of 2022, up +22.1 % on 2021


•  Sequential acceleration of the division's activity since the beginning of 2021 confirmed

•  Ramp-up of single-aisle aircraft mainly benefits the "European Fasteners" segment

•  Favorable effect linked to the US dollar soaring


•  4th consecutive quarter of business improvement driven by the ramp-up of new products for the electromobility market

•  Excellent momentum in new products order intake

•  Favorable effects linked to the soaring US dollar and the partial pass-through of inflation on sales prices


•  Further sales growth, driven by new products in a context of robust demand

Consolidated sales for the first nine months of the year amounted to €1,051.0 million, up 22.1 % compared to the same period last year, taking the following factors into consideration:

•  A scope effect of €11.7 M resulting from the following transactions in the LISI AEROSPACE division:

    -  Deconsolidation of LACE (France) on March 4, 2021, i.e. an impact of - €1.7 M (- 0.2 % of sales),

    -  Acquisition of B&E Manufacturing, a US company that had been consolidated since August 1, 2021, i.e. a contribution of + €13.4 M (1.3 % of sales);

•  A favorable currency effect of + €52.4 M (i.e. +5.0 % of sales), mainly tied to the rising average US dollar exchange rate against the euro;

•  A price effect resulting from the pass-through to customers of the impact of inflation on manufacturing costs.

In line with the objective of a return to organic growth in 2022, sales growth on a like-for-like basis and restated for currency fluctuations stands at +14.7 %. The +24.4 % increase in Q3 marks the fourth consecutive quarter of improvement.


The Group remains focused on facing the challenges of a global economic environment that remains complicated due to volatility in the automotive industry, all-time-high inflation levels of manufacturing costs, and tensions on the job market.

In 2023, the main concern will be the increase in energy costs in France, Germany and the United Kingdom ; the related impact on the income statement will depend on the Group's ability to negotiate increases in sales prices with its customers.

The levels of order intake for new products across the three divisions position the Group favorably in its various markets for the future.

In the short term, the Group confirms its objectives for 2022 as disclosed on July 22nd: return to positive organic growth, improvement of the main financial indicators and maintenance of a positive operating Free Cash Flow*.

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The LISI Group posted consolidated sales of €1,051 million for the first 9 months of 2022, up +22.1 % on 2021

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