Human ressources

Retaining our talents and strengthening the attractiveness of our business lines

  • ONU - 3 - Good health and well being
  • ONU - 4 - Quality education
  • ONU - 5 - Gender equality
  • ONU - 8 - Decent work and economic growth
  • ONU - 9 - Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • ONU - 10 - Reduced inequalities

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The trades and skills expected within the industry are evolving more and more quickly. The LISI Group must therefore ensure the employability of its employees. It also has a role to play in the diversity and quality of its employees’ life at work.

The 2030 vision: developing an agile and collaborative organization

By 2030, LISI wishes to promote the commitment of its employees, in particular through well-being at work and mobility possibilities. The Group intends to develop a more agile and collaborative organization, relying on greater diversity and strengthening work in communities. To succeed, LISI must anticipate changes in the work and professions of tomorrow by focusing, among other things, on the development of skills through continuous learning.

The progress accomplished in 2020

The health situation has accelerated the availability of new tools, new ways of working together with the development of teleworking and the deployment of collaborative platforms, such as Fabriq. These new tools improve teamwork and facilitate communication in plants and offices, face-to-face and remotely.

Training: priority to the maintenance and development of skills

  • The teams have adapted the training offer to the exceptional situation of 2020, by offering remote training (e-learning or virtual classes, etc.). The Group continued to develop specific career paths focused on its strategic businesses.
  • Some plants are now equipped with a digital tool in order to better manage the multiple skills and versatility of the teams. This tool provides insight into the global, available, critical skills, to anticipate training actions and the renewal of authorizations.
  • Work on the installation of the LISI Knowledge Institute (LKI) corporate university at Grandvillars continued in parallel. The site will host its first training sessions in early 2021.
  • Finally, the LISI Group continued its efforts to improve well-being at work for all employees. Each site sets up specifications and proposes initiatives locally.

a “post-COVID” survey, collected employee feedback on the actions implemented by LISI to manage the health crisis, among other things. The average satisfaction rate for these two surveys in 2020 is 84% (77% in 2019).

The next steps

By 2023, LISI will have aligned the male / female distribution within management bodies to the right proportion of the Group, i.e. 22% of women. The Group also wants to bring the consolidated absenteeism rate to less than 2.9%. Its ambition: to be recognized among the best employers in its industry.

Development of skills


100,424 hours
of training were provided in 2020

invested in training

satisfaction rate in the quality of life at work survey

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