Health and safety

A common risk management culture

Since 2014, the LISI Group has relied on an internal program entirely dedicated to health, safety and working environment issues. Called LISI Excellence HSE (LISI E-HSE), its objective is to engage each employee around the same ambition: strive for excellence in all areas of the company’s health, safety and environment strategy.

Designed to foster the emergence of a common culture of personal and collective risk management, the LISI E-HSE program is based on compliance with fundamentals, such as meeting compliance obligations or implementing continuous performance improvement on these key issues.

E-HSE 2019 report

18 E-HSE audits
41 % of sites

14 Bronze plants
39 % of sites

9,0 TF1(*)

(*) frequency rate of accidents with and without work stoppage of LISI employees and temporary workers per million hours worked.

A common risk management culture

Achieving HSE objectives

In order to achieve the objectives that the Group has set in terms of health LISI RM, first of all, which is a software tool for identifying, assessing and controlling HSE risks. The Golden Rules), which group together the HSE rules common to all LISI sites. The Safety Culture Program, which is a training program designed to accelerate the development of a safety culture common to all of the Group’s employees.

Other operational tools complete this system and respond to specific problems according to the 15 areas of excellence defined in the LISI E-HSE program.

41% of sites audited in 2019

LISI E-HSE integrates an internal audit module which makes it possible to assess the level of deployment of the program across the various Group sites. This assessment, conducted by internal auditors, has 4 levels of maturity with increasingly high standards of requirement. The Standard level corresponds to compliance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels correspond to increasing levels of maturity in terms of the deployment of the HSE culture on the site.

LISI E-HSE : two new tools

Two new methods for improving security issues were rolled out at sites in 2019:

  • Causes analysis: each accident with or without lost time is now analyzed according to the 8D(*) methodology. The most serious accidents are subject to reinforced monitoring by the Group.
  • Manager training: strengthen knowledge, responsibility for health, safety and the environment, and improve detection of dangerous situations. This training was deployed on the most accident-prone sites.

(*) 8-step problem-solving method including gathering the facts, analyzing the root causes and defining corrective actions.

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