AREA #3: Retain talents and strengthen the appeal of our business lines

  • ONU - 3 - Good health and well being
  • ONU - 4 - Quality education
  • ONU - 5 - Gender equality
  • ONU - 8 - Decent work and economic growth
  • ONU - 9 - Industry innovation and infrastructure
  • ONU - 10 - Reduced inequalities

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The industry is constantly changing in terms of its professions, the skills expected and the work environment. At the forefront in terms of innovation, demanding in terms of maintaining its agility, the LISI Group remains particularly attentive to the employability of its employees, to the well-being and to the development of skills. It is also vigilant in respecting the diversity which it encourages and quality of life at work for its employees.

What has been achieved in 2021

  • 100% of surveys deployed and digitized for the first time across all sites with a participation rate of 65% and a satisfaction rate of 78%.
  • 100% of sites have a partnership with schools or universities. Due to the COVID crisis, some actions remain to be taken to formalize these partnerships.
  • A partnership to promote jobs in the industry to a female audience, LISI is a member of the Elles Bougent association in France and Women in Fasteners in the United States.
  • Gold Investors in People label for our Rugby teams, which rewards companies that aim to optimize performance by strengthening the skills and motivation of employees.
  • Launch of the LISI Technical Training Institute (ILFT) at LISI AEROSPACE Parthenay (West Central France). The objective is to offer courses to train on the machining trades.
  • Inauguration of the LISI Knowledge Institute (LKI) training center at Grandvillars (France, Belfort Territory in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region) to develop the skills of our employees and promote internal networks. The first integration seminars have been launched.
  • Due to the health situation, the absenteeism rate remains high at 4.15%.
  • 24% of women on the Leadership Board.

Our objectives for 2023

  • 27% of women on the Leadership Board.
  • 100% of recruiters trained in “recruitment without discrimination” (France in 2022; all countries in 2023).
  • 100% of sites have actions to promote their professions and activities.
  • The Group is committed to formalizing specific objectives for 2030.

Our ambitions for 2030

  • Foster employee commitment: well-being at work, mobility.
  • Develop an agile and collaborative organization: diversity, community work.
  • Anticipate the work of tomorrow: evolution of trades and skills, continuous learning.

Retain talents and strengthen the appeal of our business lines



LKI, a training pillar for the Group

A pillar of the strategy to develop LISI’s skills, the center offers tailor-made programs.

Training women in leadership

The LISI Group has set up a leadership program reserved for women. The first edition brought together 10 collaborators (in May and June 2021) and the objective of this training course is to transmit the skills necessary to overcome the hurdles that slow down women in advancing their careers.

A course for factory managers

Launched in 2021, this training course gives the opportunity to improve in the fields of digitization, media training, or on other themes such as leadership, negotiation, deepening one’s understanding of the LISI System, etc.

Key figures

hours of training

invested in training

satisfaction rate for the quality of life at work survey

of the LISI Knowledge Institute

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